How long until I get my goodies? Gimme!

It’s coming, don’t worry! The Lashionista fairies work hard to get your stuff out to you ASAP. In fact, they ship your stuff out twice a day, to make sure you get it faster:

  • Once in the morning: when most are having their morning coffees or the lucky ones are still in bed.
  • And once in the afternoon, when most people are having their ‘siesta’ (or afternoon snooze) or the really lucky ones are still in bed.
  • Whew… all in a day’s work!

All this hard work means the Lashionista fairies need rest, though. So, they (well… we): a) only ship orders Monday-Friday during office hours (9-5 GMT+2) b) don't work on public holidays (apparently fairies and postmen need beauty sleep). You’ll receive an email confirmation after your item has shipped, and the countdown begins!

All of our shipping options require a signature, or an ‘autograph’...depending on how you look at it. We recommend sending them to a work address, or an address where you’re sure someone reliable (like your mum… ah... good ol' mum) will be able to sign for it.


We ship international orders first to ensure we save you any possible waiting time (who says we don’t play favourites?). So don't worry.

We’ve got two options for you...

Standard Signed-For (Free on orders over 150EUR):

Semi-tracked’ you’ll get basic tracking info: when it’s been shipped, when it’s in your country and when it’s been delivered. This usually takes 5-8 working days for Europe, and between 6-12 working days for everywhere else.

But if thisis a bit slow for you, we’ve got another option…

Express Courier

This baby is a bit more expensive, but it’s all-singing, all-dancing tracked, will arrive faster (between 1-4 working days) and will even be delivered by a man in a snazzy cap and colourful uniform. Cool!

Duties: Some of our Lashionistas outside of the EU will be charged import duties. Sorry, we don’t have any control over this and it’s your responsibility to ensure that these are paid for.

It’s Been A While… And It Still Isn’t Here. Help!

Don’t you worry your pretty head about it, we’re on the case! Just drop a quick email to, with your name, order number and the date the order was placed and we’ll take care of the rest.

But I’ve Paid And I Haven’t Got An Order Confirmation… Help!

That's weird... but again, don’t worry your pretty head about it. If you haven’t received a confirmation from and you’re sure payment has been made, it’s probably in your junk box (don’t worry, we won’t take it personally), so you might want to check your junk filters. If you’ve been for a rummage and still can’t find it, no problemo! Just email us at and we’ll email you another one. It’s probably on it’s way to you now… wait, is that a knock at the door? :-)